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black and white photograph of two hands holding something in front of their face with both hands
Fotografia Artistica Blog G. Santagata: Alfred Stieglitz : la fotografia come arte
Alfred Stieglitz
black and white photograph of woman's eyes with water drops on them
Man Ray
an old photo of a woman with a violin on her back
Man Ray - “Le Violon d’Ingres”
Diane Arbus Diane Arbus, Berenice Abbott, Annie Leibovitz, Vivian Maier, Esquire, Vogue, Diane, Diana Arbus
Diane Arbus al Jeu de Paume di Parigi - Pinkblog
Diane Arbus
black and white photograph of two women hugging each other in front of people walking down the street
Henri Cartier-Bresson FRANCE. Vaucluse. Avignon. 1969
two women brushing their teeth in front of a stone wall
Henri Cartier-Bresson SPAIN. Valencia Province. Alicante. 1933.
black and white photograph of stairs leading up to two buildings with wooden doors on each side
Henri Cartier-Bresson GREECE. Cyclades. Island of Siphnos. 1961.
a man is jumping in the water near a fence and clock tower that has been knocked over
Henri Cartier-Bresson