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a wooden heart hanging on the side of a wall with a house and tree in it
two boutons with flowers and tassels on a bed
a white plate with flowers on it and a pink ribbon tied around the edge is hanging from the wall
Handmade oval wreath
an old door with a wreath hanging on it
Primavera 2020 Shabby chic: Un mare di idee sullo stile che fa tendenza
Primavera 2020 Shabby chic: Un mare di idee sullo stile che fa tendenza
a small wooden planter filled with plants and a lantern on top of it that says sweet home
a hand holding a small stuffed chicken with hearts on it's head and wings
"DIY Felt Letters for Christmas: Easy Tutorial 🎄 | Handmade Holiday Decor"
Craft your own festive felt letters with this simple Christmas tutorial! 🌟 Dive into the holiday spirit with an easy-to-follow DIY guide on making personalized felt letters for your Christmas decorations. Perfect for adding a touch of warmth and charm to your home during the holiday season. 🎁✨ #ChristmasCrafts #FeltLetters #DIYHolidayDecor
two bird houses with the word home on them
My little bird houses by Angela Davies
an arrangement of fabric flowers and laces on a wooden surface with hearts in the background
Casetta shabby benvenuto.
Taglia cuci e crea: Casetta shabby benvenuto.
a white wall hanging with pink flowers and laces on it next to a mirror