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The deep sea is a weird and wild place dude. Deep Sea Creatures

The Encrusting hydrocoral, red sea urchins and a white-spotted anemone lives in places that experience mind-booglinggly brutal wave action. It lives in Farallon Islands, California. It eats wolf eel, and gopher rockfish. Ochre stars eat this coral. Ocean Aquarium, Saltwater Aquarium, Beneath The Sea, Under The Sea, Yellena James, Sea Anemone, Salt Water Fish, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures

White-spotted anemone, Urticina lofotensis

White-spotted #anemone, Urticina lofotensis, Red sea #urchin, Strongylocentrotus franciscanus, White-spotted #anemone, Urticina lofotensis

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Egypt – Red Sea – Marsa Alam area: flower coral (underwater photography by K.Osb… – One Like Site Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Underwater Flowers, Turquesa E Coral, Coral Reefs, Poisson Mandarin, Photos Sous-marines, Pictures, Photo Animaliere

Diving photos of the Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the most famous diving places over the world. If you care to know why!? just have a glance to the following photos... always check as more to be added

Underwater photographs of the California kelp forest, featuring stock pictures of Macrocystis pyrifera (Giant kelp) and associated marine animals. Over 20 years of underwater photography in California's and Mexico's spectacular kelp habitats. Underwater Photography, Nature Photography, Kelp Forest, Sea Plants, Underwater Life, Under The Sea, Bottom Of The Ocean, Ocean Life, Deep Sea

Giant Kelp Photo, Stock Photograph of a Giant Kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera, #23446, Phillip Colla Natural History Photography

Giant kelp forests grow rapidly; up to 2 feet a day - from the rocky reef on the ocean bottom to which it is anchored, toward the ocean surface - where it spreads to form a thick canopy. Myriad species of fishes, mammals and invertebrates form a rich community in the kelp forest. Lush forests of kelp are found throughout California's Southern Channel Islands. Phillip Colla - Ocean Light Natural History Photography

Seaweed---Clear winter water and healthy kelp forests make for a great combination at Anacapa Island, Port Hueneme, California Underwater Photography, Nature Photography, Underwater Images, Photography Tips, Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Channel Islands National Park, Kelp Forest, Dark Forest


Clear winter water and healthy kelp forests make for a great combination at Anacapa Island.

What Do Jellyfish Eat? Jelly fish are beautiful creatures. These creatures eat meat and mate constantly. Beautiful Sea Creatures, Deep Sea Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Under The Water, Under The Sea, Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Medusa, Sea Slug Make a positive change and say no to plastic straws.

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