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Another Marceline pic for you vampire queen lovers out there. Made it for me bro Which I'm gald I did cus I like how I draw Marceline anyway. Cus I neve. Marceline the Vampire Queen

#tallmick Marceline from Adventure Time, because my name's Finnian and I have been waiting for nerdy Finn-named cohorts.

sugoi-as-hell: “stephaniegonzaga: “ Here’s the cover I illustrated for the third graphic novel for Adventure Time by KaBOOM! The OGN was just announced today. Here’s a pretty cool interview with writer Kate Leth on the details of the story:.

! Ear Piercing Index!

I already have my Tragus pierced and 3 forward helixs, now I need an anti-Tragus and a rook. My ears only take forever to heal<< You are a brave soul, Im too much of a wuss to get anything other than my double piercing,