a white building with the words going for a walk in italy during phase 2 of the italian lockdown
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Going for a walk in Forio during Phase 2 of the Italian Lockdown via @limonatalounge
Ischia and the corona virus via @limonatalounge Italy, Mediterranean Living, Expat Life, The Locals, Health Services, Health Watch, Home Health
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Ischia and the corona virus via @limonatalounge
six italian teachers to follow on instagram
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Six Italian teachers you must follow on Instagram via @limonatalounge
a blue door with the words 10 ways living in italy has changed me
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10 ways living in Italy has changed me via @limonatalounge
the words winter in ischa on top of a photo with water and clouds behind it
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What's winter like in Ischia via @limonatalounge
boats in the water with text overlay reading day trip to the island of procida
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Photo essay – Day trip to the island of Procida via @limonatalounge
a water faucet with the words yes, you can drink the tap water in is
Can you drink the water in Ischia? (with a tiny history lesson)
Can you drink the water in Ischia? (with a tiny history lesson) via @limonatalounge
ceramic shopping on the island of ischia
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Studio tour and shopping for ceramics at Keramos d'Ischia in Forio on the island of Ischia via @limonatalounge
an image with the words five ways to improve your italian with online resources on it
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Improve your Italian with these 5 tips for online resources via @limonatalounge
the words walking around i gardini la mortella inschio in front of a waterfall
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Photo essay of the beautiful gardens La Mortella in Forio, Ischia via @limonatalounge
grapes growing on the vine with text overlay that reads,'september in jschia '
What to do in Ischia in September
Here are the exciting events planned during September 2019 in Ischia
a white bed sitting under a canopy in a bedroom next to a window with the words how to sleep with your window open and bean the italian moutaies
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Forget about beating the heat, let’s talk about beating the mosquitoes in Italy via @limonatalounge
the coastline with text overlay saying discovering ascha's secret pathway in italy
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A photographic journey of via Soronzano, the peasant pathway that leads from Cartaromana to Ischia Ponte with beautiful views of the sea and town. via @limonatalounge
a pile of money with the words surviving italian bureaueracy what you need to do when you move to italy
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As soon as you move to Italy as a new resident you need to apply for a permesso di soggiorno, a carta d'identita', a tax number, and your health card. via @limonatalounge
bright pink flowers with the words spring time in fschia on top and bottom
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All the things you can do during the spring on the Neapolitan island of Ischia. via @limonatalounge