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High jewerly Equestrian, Fashion, Flora, Equestrian Style, Concert, High, Jewerly, Leo Pizzo, Flower Ring
Leo Pizzo "Flora" sapphire flower ring
High jewerly
High jewerly
Leo Pizzo "Flora" 18k gold flower sapphire ring
High jewerly
a woman riding on the back of a brown horse across a dirt field with trees in the background
Show jumping rider
equestrian fashion
equestrian fashion
Silvia Bazzani wearing Flora
equestrian fashion
equestrian fashion Earrings, H.e.r., Pearl Earrings
Silvia Bazzani and her family
equestrian fashion
a brown horse sticking its head in a stable
Beautiful stallion from Lozar Stables
equestrian fashion
Leo, Masterpiece, Exclusive Collection, Collection
Leo Pizzo showjumping world
a woman riding on the back of a brown horse
Lozar Stables - equestrian fashion
equestrian fashion
Bags, Tours, Castro, Duffle, Duffle Bag
Silvia Bazzani flying with Castro W at Sunshine Tour
jewelry Jewellery, Jewelry
Leo Pizzo and Silvia Bazzani
two people riding horses in an open field
Silvia Bazzani and Riccardo Pisani, showjumping riders
Bracelets, Pink, Rings, Pink Sapphire, Precious Stones, Sapphire, Pendant
Leo Pizzo Flora set: bracelet, rings, earrings and pendant in pink sapphires
Sporty, Amazon, Style
The love between a horse and his Amazon is indissoluble.
Films, Film Posters, Movies, Movie Posters, Night Out, Awards
Silvia Bazzani and Riccardo Pisani: a night out at the FISE Awards
a close up of a horse with a bridle on it's head
Baloucash, a stallion with an untamable personality and a gentle soul.