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two men standing next to each other with trophies in their hands and one holding the same trophy
a man holding up a trophy in front of a crowd at a basketball game with his hands out
the basketball player is going to dunk the ball in front of the other players
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Kevin Durant
a basketball themed bedroom with orange walls and blue bedding
OKC Thunder bedroom
OKC Thunder bedroom Jadon's insisting glad that the little boys still are into the superheros so that stuff doesn't go to waste!
two basketball players standing in front of an audience with their hands on their hipss
Durant and Westbrook
there is no place like home court with an image of a basketball player in black and white
OKC Thunder Kevin Durant
a man holding a basketball over his head
Kevin Durant, basketball never stops
Kevin durant Beast Mode, Wwe, Sport Quotes, People, Hip Hop
Kevin durant
a poster with the words keep calm and love kevin durant on it
Kevin Durant.. absolutely love him! favorite player by far<3