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a small white and brown dog standing on top of a rug
Idk what this is but its cute and i want it
four pictures of a monkey eating something in it's mouth and other images of the same animal
I think of you always
Oh. My. Word. Click through to see 6 gifs of a "Slow Loris Eating Rice." Quite possibly the single cutest thing on the Internet. The grip on the fork...the delicate nibbles...the tongue...those EYE ROLLS!!!! Dying of cute!
two pictures of a person holding a small gray kitten
Sleepy little babies
If u don't think that this is cute then u probably need to go the doctor
a white cat standing on top of a table next to a dry erase board with writing on it
Until I see one in person, munchkin cats are like unicorns to me. Too weirdly awesome to exist. If I had weinerdogs and munchkin cats?! House full of low riders.
a small cat sitting on top of a white rug
My friends new baby kitten
a person holding a small kitten in their hands
Bengal kitten...cuteness overload...
a dog standing on top of a wooden floor next to a red and white sign
Pomsky Puppies Lovers
Pomeranian + Husky = Pomsky. My two favorite dogs ... In one!!!
a man holding a small white animal in his hand and looking up at the camera
Baby fox
a puppy is laying on the floor next to a door and looking at the camera - animals-gallery Resources and Information.
beautiful australian shepherd <3
a small kitten looking at the camera while sitting on a pink bed sheet with its eyes wide open
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a white teddy bear sitting on top of a black and brown checkered floor with the caption i love you teddy bear
a black and white photo of two puppies
a small orange kitten sitting on top of a carpet
I edited the standing cat photo for a friend a few weeks ago.
not a puppy... but real life puss in boots
a cat is standing on the edge of a toilet rail and looking at the camera domain is for sale | Buy with