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the sun shines brightly behind a large tree in an open field near a house
an olive branch in a vase with water
Le JaRdin de l'îL d'ElLe
a vase filled with greenery sitting on top of a dresser next to a mirror
two framed pictures hang on the wall above a bed in a room with gray walls
Guest Bedroom Reveal / Room Renovation- Room for Tuesday
a living room with a couch, table and vase on the floor in front of it
Are You Ready to Decorate with Mustard Yellow? - Town & Country Living
a bench with pillows and pictures on the wall
Emery Wood and Upholstered Bench … curated on LTK
a bathroom sink with a mirror above it and a plant in front of the sink
Bathroom with hexagon terracotta tile floor in Maple Plain, Hennepin County, Minnesota. By Emily Pueringer Design Studio.
six paintings of sheep grazing in a field
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a painting on the wall
an old door handle with spanish words on it and a quote from the book el si de dios vale mas que los no del mundo entero
an open window in a dark room overlooking the ocean