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Initial Letter Name Activity and Bulletin Board – Prek – K

Initial Letter Name Activity and Bulletin Board - Prek - K

A veteran kindergarten teacher shares a letter and sound activity for the first days of the new school year. It is based upon the students' names and results in an interactive bulletin board display.

name practice

Play to Write- Week 3

We participating in a Wednesday Play Group called Play to Write over at Cherrios and Lattes . This is week 3- Write/Spell Your Name. ...

Name Kits for Preschool and Kindergarten - simple but meaningful way for teaching young children about their names and other early literacy concepts

Name Kits for Kindergarten and Preschool Name Practice | Fun-A-Day!

Use name kits to help teach young children their name. They are a simple and easy tool to use with the kids as part of their name practice.

beginning of the year name book

Name Activity Template for Class ABC Lift the Flap Book

beginning of the year name book

Tracing names with loose parts from Rachel (",)

Name Recognition & Writing - Stimulating Learning

Activities to support name recognition and writing - from Rachel (",)

Name sort activity - by letter. I might do this with the letter of the week. I'll pick out the names that have that letter in them, write them on chart paper, and then have the kids help me find the letter.


I am posting some of my first alphabet activities of the school year. In my school, the kindergarten reviews the alphabet one letter a day (we started reviewing today). Here are some of the things I do: Today we reviewed the letter Aa. I asked each child, "Do you have any a's in your name?" If the answer was yes, I asked, "Uppercase or lowercase?" This really helps the children distinguish between uppercase and lowercase. I use a large tag board to write this down - writing the featured…

Even more fun, make a class book, with each student getting a page. The words would be in a speech bubble, "I am----", or "My name is---and I like---". Kids who are ready for more complex sentences could interview kids and write the results.

Stuff...Pictures and Ideas!

This post is kind of a mish-mash of stuff. The pictures in this post don't really go together...just a little of what we've been doing late...

Learn your name sensory bin

Learn your name sensory bin - NurtureStore

A multi-sensory learning names activity - great letter recognition sensory bin and letter sorting activity

Beautiful display of the first letter of our names!

αρχικό του ονοματός μου-με χαρτοταινία

περσινές δραστηριότητες με το αρχικό του ονόματός μας !!! αποτυπώματα !!! με χαρτοταινία σχηματίζουμε το αρχικό μας...... βάφουμε με δαχτυλομπογιές (ή με τέμπερα, χρησιμοποιώντας οδοντόβουρτσα)....... στεγνώνει.......ξεκολλάμε την χαρτοταινία...... και το αποτέλεσμα εντυπωσιακό !!! σχηματίζουμε το αρχικό του ονόματός μας κολλώντας κομματάκια από καλαμάκια ......

Editable Alternative Name Tracing with Paint

Editable Alternative Name Tracing with Paint

Welcome to day 4 of 10 where we explore ideas to help your child learn to spell and write their name! You can quickly jump to each day as it is indexed on this page. Often

rainbow names craft in an ESL classroom

Back to school names and descriptions - Learning in Spain

This is going to be great year! I am teaching a wonderful group of 26 secondgraders. And I am also teaching ART in English during specials!!! I know it sounds busy, but I could not miss this opportunity. I taught ESl to these kids while they were in Kinder and I am their Art teacher... Read More

Can you make your name? Rachel Lynn (@reggio_rece) on Instagram

Rachel on Instagram: “#letters #learning #daycare #education #materials #earlychildhoodeducation”

Can you make your name? Rachel Lynn (@reggio_rece) on Instagram

Help students practice their names with this fun Paint Stick Names activity from Simply Kinder. Includes two free printables! Perfect for preschool and kindergarten!

Paint Stick Names - Simply Kinder

Looking for a fun activity to practice names with your students. Make these fun Paint Stick Names to practice letters. Includes free prinatable!