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I love the description that follows:     I was cornered. I was caught off guard one time. I tried to explain my religion and God. I forgot to say the right things but seeing this is really something. Yes, I cant quite verbalize everything about God and how He changed me and how He is my Father now and all but it can be made through experience. Lots of prayers, Betina. Lots and lots for them to experience too, the awesome love of God.

God's love can't be explained only experienced

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Forgiveness - It's not always simple, but always necessary.

This past weekend, i heard some disturbing news about someone that i have admired for more years that i could remember - or even if i could remember probably wouldn't admit. I have dealt with feelings or hurt, betrayal, disappointment, anger. You get the picture. I had been in a funk the majority of the weekend. I've prayed about this situation off & on all weekend, but this morning, i was able to turn it all over to God. I've quit having questions of "why" & "how could he". I still feel…

"PRAYER IS THE WAY and MEANS God has appointed for the communication of the blessings of His goodness to His people." ~ A.W. Pink

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If you’re feeling guilt or having a hard time training your kids because you feel like a hypocrite, I encourage you to follow your heart.