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Real Estate Branding: The Complete Guide for Agents
a bottle of wine sitting on top of a table next to a stone wall and floor
Tomei Natural Wines Label Design by iknstudio - World Brand Design Society
iknstudio - - World Brand Design Society / Azienda Agricola Tomei is located near Rome, in the area of ​​the Arches of San Lidano. Iknstudio took care of the identity of the farm starting with the logo, the product’s names, the packaging and labels design. The vines are native to Agropontino: Bellone, Ottonese, Cesanese and black berried Abbuoto. Wines are tales of the territory and farming ...
the logo for la valaletta, california's oldest wineries and winery
the packaging design for an organic chocolate bar
25 esempi creativi di packaging della pasta | Inspire We Trust
a blue box with mountains on it sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
After Winter Before Summer
Behance :: 検索
Wood Wharf - Curious? Campaign Gif
an image of some type of paper that is cut into pieces and placed on top of each other
Questa immagine rappresenta un "brand identity", ovvero una serie di elementi che valorizzano e distinguono una determinata azienda da tutte le altre. In questa, che evidenzia il suo legame con la natura, possiamo notare il logo e le sue applicazioni su supporti cartacei, per lo più cartoncini marroni. Ho deciso di inserire questa immagine perchè trovo la sua comunicazione pulita ed efficace.
an image of some sort of abstract artwork
Fivestar Branding Agency – Business Branding and Web Design for Small Business Owners
Elements Candles Packaging by Noemie Pottiez | Fivestar Branding Agency – Design and Branding Agency & Curated Inspiration Gallery
an assortment of different types of paper and scissors on display in front of a computer screen
Personal Identity Design
x es: di questo, il simbolo di per se NON mi piace, ma mi piace il processo che c'e dietro... ti fanno vedere da dove si sono inventati quel tondo con dentro quella specie di A...
a series of photographs showing different types of objects
Concept for a Coffee brand. More
black and white photo of an advertisement with zebra stripes on the bottom half of it
Schlossgut Lüll – Corporate Design... - a grouped images picture
Schlossgut Lüll – Corporate Design - created via
various stationery items are laid out on the floor with paper, cd and pen
Account Suspended
coffee cups, paper bags and other items are arranged on the table
Peat Me | pitas & coffee
Client: "Peat Me" pitas&coffeePita bread is round, flat and unleavened… Is that enough?But if a client is cool, extremely cool?If he is not like you and me…not just a little better thansomeone or other but the coolest of all of us?If he is stuffed w…