Watercolor Travel Kits, Plein Air, Art on-the-go

I love painting in nature and on the o - get ideas for how to make art on-the-go, do watercolor painting, plein air painting, and all the tools you'll need to…
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a person holding up a piece of paper with flowers painted on it in red and pink
Letting go of perfection: watercolor blobs transform w/ doodling ❤️ #watercolorflowers #greetingcard
the contents of a travel bag are neatly organized and ready to be used as art supplies
Basic Guide To Plein Air Painting
a watercolor painting of an alleyway with stairs and flowers on the tree in bloom
Shadows of Mykonos
the mountains are calling and i must go watercolors on paper with marker pens
an assortment of art supplies including watercolor paints and brushes on a wooden table top
Travel-Friendly Watercolor Cases | Sketchbook Skool
When traveling, you need to make choices on what kind of art tools you want to take with you. Here are some tips to have a travel-friendly watercolor cases
the contents of a leather bag are laid out next to a watercolor palette, pen and paper
Watercolor Travel Journal
the inside of a felt case with pens and notebooks in it
Ideas for Watercolor Travel Kits — Scratchmade Journal