Hair bow storage

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Jennifer Ottinger

I found this listing on Pinterest for 20 hair bows for $40 and the way they displayed the bows got me thinking... You could buy one of those wire wreath forms for two bucks and arrange the bows like this so that it isn't just bow storage but decoration in a little girl's room. It would make a beautiful gift, too!

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¦ Here are our Famous * 4 * inch hair bows ,perfect for all ages All of my hair bows are made from 1 1/2 inch solid grosgrain ribbon, perfect sealed edges to prevent fraying we only make 4 inch bows , so please reference 4 inches prior to purchase , as they are not too large or too small either :)

Hair bow storage

Hair Bow Storage

There are lot's of different ideas out there in the blog world for hair bow storage. I just made this up...and mostly because it's free, is why I love it! I had a memo broad that I had made when my baby was a baby, but now she is 4 and has a pretty serious collection of hair bows. Most of them I have made...I just love to make them, what can I say?! Anyways. I wanted to make something that would go on the back of her bedroom door. I don't have a lot of extra wall space, so I have to use what…

Hair Tie Storage

Hair Candy Hair Tie Storage

I saw this cute picture from Happy Together: That cute little jar is a great way to store bows. But my favorite idea is inside: She has her rubber bands sorted by color and stored in a pill box. At least I think that is what it is. Even if it isn't, that is what I am going to use! Especially for our road trips this summer. A great way to keep them organized in the suitcase!

Hair bow room boarder

Frugal Storage for Hair Bows and Clips

This week, I am celebrating my 100th post with a giveaway! Be sure to check out this post for details on how to enter! A while ago, I went on a ribbon buying spree! I found a listing on ebay for some really great ribbons at a really great price and bought loads and loads of ribbon! I had great plans for that ribbon but one thing after another kept me from my craft room. Around Christmas this year, I started buying a lot of hair clips for Grace and I was just storing them in a jar on her…


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