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This site has some very useful time game, child coming up with the combination of notes for time. Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: A Music Measure of Math Music lessons Music Math, Music Classroom, Music Music, Music Signs, Violin Music, Violin Lessons, Music Lessons, Singing Lessons, Piano Lessons For Kids

A Music Measure of Math

Aside from an appreciation for music, I have no other knowledge of it or possess any talent myself. My son's music teacher’s “tee tee tah” lesson on music notes had my son trying to teach me, though. His curiosity became mine too. To help him learn the names of the music notes and practice some math, I designed this fun activity. Download the music measure mat, cheat sheet, and notes/rests cards here. The objective? See how many different combinations of notes can be used to create a measure…

 King's Music Room: Listening to Beethoven-Good idea for listening activities Preschool Music, Music Activities, Kindergarten Music, Primary Activities, Music Games, Music Worksheets, Drama, Music School, Primary Music

Listening to Beethoven

I almost forgot that I had scanned these to share with you! A few weeks ago we listened to "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven. First graders discussed tempo, mood and dynamics and then created these written/drawn responses. They had some pretty heavy thoughts about the song. It was a great opportunity to talk about how music captures emotions. We discussed music that is used for weddings, funerals, parades, parties, etc... What insightful young men and women I teach! UPDATED: Just to answer a…

Musical Opposites: Videos and Singing Games High/Low, Fast/Slow… Music Lesson Plans, Music Lessons, Piano Lessons, Piano Forte, School Videos, Primary Music, Piano Teaching, Music Activities, Elementary Music

Forte Piano -

Forte Piano, by Teresa Jennings, is another in her series of songs that teach musical concepts. This fun music video, animated by Bill Belongia, really rein...

Developed by Vide Infra Group, Meet the Orchestra is an interactive educational app for learning about classical musical instruments on the iPad. Cc Music, Reggae Music, Blues Music, Instruments Of The Orchestra, Online Music Lessons, Music Activities, Elementary Music, Music Classroom, Teaching Music

How to Start a Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Blog

How do you start a blog? Learn how to make a blog and start blogging for beginners with our step by step guide. This is EVERYTHING you need to know.

Sola Gratia Mom: Teaching the Orchestra - Week 20 - Tutoring CC Teaching Orchestra, Teaching Art, Middle School Art, School Fun, Middle Ages, High School, Classical Education, Kids Education, Cc Cycle 3

Teaching the Orchestra - Week 20 - Tutoring CC

I thought I'd share what I came up with for teaching the Orchestra for this next few weeks as a Tutor. I wanted to make a visual presentation of the information we are going to be learning in class for the kids. So, I made a science board of the Orchestra for class. All of the information has come from CC Connected and you can search there to find them, with the exception of the pictures of Handel, Bach and Mozart which I got from here…

Classical music - Music in Montessori Musical Instruments & the Symphony Orchestra Classical Education, Music Education, Classical Music, Health Education, Physical Education, Cc Music, Reggae Music, Blues Music, Music For Studying

Music in Montessori 4: Musical Instruments & the Symphony Orchestra - Montessori for Everyone Blog

This is the next in the music series posts, and probably one of my favorite ways of studying music: learning about musical instruments. A delightful way to introduce kids to musical instruments is to have them make some themselves. This can be as simple as putting beads in a container and shaking it, or as […]

The Journey: Introduction to the String Family Part 1 - Violin, Viola, and String Basics - Lesson 4 Cc Music, Music For Kids, The Journey, Violin Lessons, Music Lessons, Instruments Of The Orchestra, Musical Instruments, Music Worksheets, Music And Movement

Introduction to the String Family Part 1 - Violin, Viola, and String Basics

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