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a woman in a striped dress is standing next to an open book with the words pom on it
an open book with pictures of women's clothing
a yellow jacket with two zippers on the front and one in the back, sitting on top of a white surface
Shirts, Sewing Top, Kimono Sewing Pattern, Unusual Clothes
【楽天市場】【 型紙 】 (カット済 パターン )BT140 T型ワンピース (FREE) / 縫い代付き・実物大・ピリピリ離してすぐ裁断! ( 型紙 パターン ハンドメイドカンパニー ):型紙・パターン&布 専門店 hmc
an open book with a man standing next to it and the pages are in chinese