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two martini glasses and a bottle of grey goose vodka
love the colors, the martini cups how they blend with the background, and ok you got me the drink inside ;)
a painting of colorful cups stacked on top of each other
Balance Series :: Stack #2 - sold
Exploring Hyperrealism Drawing and Painting Techniques
a drawing of a man with a shovel in his hand on a blue and white background
Roger Duvoisin
a woman's face is shown in black and white with vertical lines behind it
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an image of people standing in line wearing coats
the words self control are in white and red letters on a black background with an image of a man's head
Turn your mind off - Wallpaper
two people standing on top of each other
more than i can say for some by lenin-grad on DeviantArt
there is a waterfall in the woods with blue water flowing down it's sides
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Nature Blue Waterfall
a dog and cat sitting next to each other
95,410 Cat Head Silhouette Royalty-Free Photos and Stock Images | Shutterstock