Discover the incredible world of zeppelins and their remarkable history. Learn about their construction, their role in transportation, and their impact on society throughout the years.
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History used to be one of our favorite subjects back in school. We absolutely adored learning about ancient cultures, long-gone civilizations, recent developments, and how things changed (though people mostly stayed the same). So whenever there’s a chance to share this passion for the past with you, we pounce!

Graf Zeppelin over San Francisco while on its 1929 around-the-world flight. War, Steampunk, Around The World Trips, Zeppelin, Dieselpunk, Aviation Art, Dieselpunk Vehicles, Around The Worlds, Military Art

The image above shows the dirigible Graf Zeppelin over San Francisco Bay while on its 1929 around-the-world flight. Appropriately, the illustrator was Stan Galli (1912-2009), who was born in San Francisco and spent most of his long career there rather than in New York or Chicago where most American illustrators plied their trade in his day. Some biographical information on Galli can be found here. Reminiscences by his son are here, and extracts from an interview of Galli are here. Galli was…

Marc Ruygrok

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