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Explore the rich and flavorful world of Yemeni cuisine with these mouthwatering recipes. From fragrant lamb dishes to aromatic spiced rice, discover the best Yemeni dishes to satisfy your cravings.
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A Yemeni “honey cake” made of layered flaky bread and brown butter, and served warm with authentic Yemeni honey. This is MY FAVORITE dish from my culture, and we eat it every eid morning or when we have guests over! I learned it from my mom, and it takes a lot of patience to get the dough right to be able to layer it like that. It’s difficult but I would love for you all to try it! Want more Middle Eastern desserts? You've got to try Warbat or Mamool Date Cookies!

Shajia Shajia
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This classic salad is the perfect pairing for many Yemeni stews, appetizers, and rice-based dishes. Everything is chopped up into tiny bite size pieces so that it can be enjoyed as a side or topping. Don't pay too much attention to the quantities suggested for the salad ingredients. Add more or less of each ingredient based on your preference. You can prep the undressed salad ahead of time and keep it refrigerated until you are ready to serve. Before serving, just toss in the dressing - its…

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Haneeth is a Yemeni style slow roasted lamb dish that literally falls off the bone. This dish is a crowd pleaser and is probably one of the best ways to enjoy lamb. The meat is marinated overnight and then cooked for at least 2 hours (often even longer). There are many recipes for haneeth and every Yemeni family has their own way of making it. This recipe is a slight twist from my grandmother's original recipe. She has been using this recipe since she lived in Yemen and I am so blessed that…