Washing dishes

Discover efficient tips and techniques to make washing dishes a breeze. Keep your kitchen clean and organized with these helpful ideas for dishwashing.
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How to Wash Dishes (with Very Little Water!): Growing up in a house with a dishwasher taught me nothing about how to wash dishes. By the time I was out on my own as a poor student, dishwashers were not apart of my vocabulary. So you're asking yourself: What could be hard - you have a dirty dis…

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Most people are used to cleaning dishes in the sink or popping them into a dishwasher. But what do you do in those moments when there’s no running water? Whether you’re camping or at a bare-bones summer house, there might be a moment where you run into the problem of having little to no running water or modern amenities. This can become tricky when cleaning up after dinner, especially if you don’t want to use paper plates.

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