Vintage christmas photos

Step back in time with these charming vintage Christmas photos. Get inspired to create nostalgic holiday memories and decorations for your own home.
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Style is always changing - whether you are throwing away your last year's sweater because it is hideous now or finding the home decor horrendous. On the other hand, something from twenty or so years ago is now comfortably back in fashion. And while in some instances trends change faster than seasons do, other times a vintage style might stay forever. Though you might've never thought about it, even Christmas trees aren't impervious to the trends around us.

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Oh, what fun it is to laugh at hilarious awkward Christmas photos. These vintage holiday pics make the perfect gift this holiday season. While so many people try to recreate awkwardly funny pictures of their annual holiday cards, you can't top the real thing! Share in the humor and spirit and maybe a bad, creepy Santa will bring you something extra special this year.

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We love looking at other people's old photos especially funny, weird Christmas snapshots! Do you have any vintage holiday photos like these in your family albums? Christmas Day, 1959 Kitchen Gifts, c.1980Rifles and Pink Plushie (are those snakeskin pants?), c.1970 Fuzzy Slippers and Gun, c.1960Christmas Baby Dolls, 195

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Another Christmas family photo. Me on the floor, my sisters and brother. My sister has a Crissy doll, I wonder if she opened it early or got it last year. I did notice that blue chair is there, it was seen in a previous photo, and I mentioned I didn't remember it. I still don't. Scan from a slide. Located in Chicago IL

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