Transhumanist Art

Immerse yourself in the intriguing realm of transhumanist art and discover how artists explore the intersection of technology and humanity. Find inspiration and contemplate the future with these captivating artworks.
Matthieu Martin, known as Impossible Realities in the digital arts world, is a French 3D artist based in Paris. His work is characterized by a dystopian and cyberpunk vision of a more or less near future. Learn more about his art, creative process, and inspirations. Opening face, 2023 by Impossible Realities Vitoria, Concept Art, Paris, Art, Technology Art, Dystopian Art, Amazing Technology, Technology Art Projects, Dystopian Future

It's the year 2077, humanity has adapted to climate change, air modification and other global changes by augmenting their bodies through technological advancements. They have even succeeded in replacing the human brain with a chip and now make it possible to transform the whole body. Art and culture no longer exists because people want above all to survive, that's why in the exhibitions there are no more paintings or sculptures, there are only the latest advances in body augmentation.


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