Ricotta cheese

Discover mouthwatering recipes that feature the creamy goodness of ricotta cheese. From lasagna to cheesecake, explore a variety of dishes that will satisfy your cravings.
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What to do with ricotta cheese? I've got you covered with these ricotta cheese recipes that you'll love like this simple whipped ricotta crostini recipe that makes a wonderful holiday appetizer that's elegant and slightly sweet.Recipe yields to 1 cup of whipped ricotta that is enough for about 26 crostini.

Chasity Day
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Usually half-used containers of anything make me want to pull my hair out as I scramble for ways to use them up before the contents go bad. Not so with ricotta! In fact, I find myself looking forward to having a few spoonfuls leftover from a recipe just so I can use them however I want. My favorite nefarious uses for leftover ricotta? Here are five to try.1.