Organic body lotion recipe

Take care of your skin with this homemade organic body lotion recipe. Learn how to make a nourishing lotion that will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Try it today and experience the benefits of natural ingredients.
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Do you ever feel like a detective, scouring the labels of products before you buy them? It can be depressing. So many commercial body care products have way too many sketchy ingredients! It even goes for many that are supposed to be natural and organic. That's one the reasons I love making them myself. I can have full control over the ingredients, and it's fun!

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Almost everyone is starting to make the switch to more eco friendly, safe, and natural products at home. Like lotion. Whether you have dry skin or not, it’s important to apply moisturizer on a regular basis, but the store-bought brands are often full of harmful ingredients. That’s why, if you can make it yourself, then you should definitely try. With a few simple ingredients like shea butter and essential oils, you can make your very own DIY natural lotion right at home. #Allnatural #skincare Healthy Recipes, Body Lotions, Homemade Skin Care, Lotion For Dry Skin, Homemade Facial Cleanser, Body Lotion Recipes, Moisturizer For Dry Skin, Diy Body Lotion, Homemade Lotion

Using body lotions doesn’t just give your skin a nice and beautiful glow. The ingredients that are used to make lotions each have a specific purpose. By making your own natural lotion, you can ensure that you’re using nature’s gifts in order to restore your skin moisture, to give

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Easy homemade lotion that is non greasy and great for sensitive skin Cracked dry skin from over washing? This recipe for homemade lotion is perfect for use on hands, body and face. It can be used on sensitive skin, and works wonders for those with acne, scarring, or eczema. This easy DIY lotion is made with shea butter and

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