Capture the beauty and innocence of your newborn with these adorable photo ideas. Create lasting memories and cherish the precious moments with your little one.
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Welcoming sweet little lives into the world within 48 hours after birth is easily one of my favorite things. Meeting new little lives at Fresh 48 Photography session makes my day each and every time. The love and excitement of all the family of this new little human. Capturing the details, joy, everything that comes with a Newborn babe makes my heart happy. Being a Newborn Photographer in Jacksonville & St Augustine, FL I get to meet and photography so many newborn babes. And I am in awe and…

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Granted, almost nobody thinks about childbirth as some easy-peasy walk in the park. It's the very definition of a struggle, and every birth presents its own challenges. But for some people, there are signs childbirth will be difficult for you in…

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