Narrow kitchen

Discover clever tips and tricks to maximize space in your narrow kitchen. Create a functional and stylish cooking area with these top ideas.
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Sabrina O’Neill and Emily Bazett-Jones took this 10-foot wide kitchen in a semi-detached house and made it feel wider and taller. They added two-toned cabinets with white oak and a detailed toe-kick. The warm wood tones from floor to ceiling make the space feel cohesive and comfortable.

Kylie Harrison
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Long narrow kitchens present a few design and functionality concerns. Without taking these issues into account, you risk presenting a cluttered and unwelcoming space to your guests. Luckily, we've curated the top tips and tricks for styling your kitchen for more optimal space. With limited space, the storage appears to be practically nonexistent in a […]

Alexandra P.
10 Well-Designed Windowless Kitchens Alcove Bathtub

Good light can make or break a space, and unfortunately natural lighting is probably the one thing about a room that’s hardest to change. So when you’re faced with a space that has very few windows (or none at all), how do you cope? We’ve got some ideas. Multiply the light you do have. If you have a window, use translucent shades or sheer curtains for privacy, instead of blocking it with heavy window treatments.

Alex Dumont