Mixed Media Sculpture

Explore the world of mixed media sculpture and discover unique ideas to create captivating artworks. Get inspired to experiment with different materials and techniques for your next project.
Sculptures, Ceramics, Ceramic Sculpture Figurative, Pottery Sculpture, Pottery Art, Sculpture Clay, Clay Art, Mixed Media Sculpture, Ceramica

' 'av' a swig me matey' - Michael Grafton Contemporary grotesque wares, edgy ceramics, confrontational clays, provocative porcelains all conjuring up a mud mayhem designed to command your attention. Challenging times can trigger artistic impulses where more audacious, uninhibited creativity seeks an outlet and the market readily responds. Disturbware that can be unnerving, sometimes humorous, maybe illuminating, possibly ugly or even brilliantly conceived and just so original you are taken…

Celebrations of Light

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