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Explore the world of male modeling and find out about the hottest faces dominating the fashion industry. Discover top male models and get inspired to follow their footsteps.
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Top model Pietro Boselli stars in the cover story of L'Officiel Hommes Poland's Winter 2018 edition lensed by fashion photographer Anthony Meyer. In charge of styling was Pascal Pache, with beauty from hair stylist Yusuke

The Mouse From Fantasyland
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Male models aren't all blue steel and jagged cheekbones. These days, menswear's most prominent clothes horses are just as likely to be designers, trainers or social stars as they are brand frontmen. These are 20 most influential models in the game right now.

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aurora had a pretty hard life she would take constant beatings from her "parents" but that did not stop her from becoming pretty well known in the underground world oh, let not forget she was kidnapped when she was 2 fast forward 15 years later what happens she finds out she the mafia princess of the Spanish mafia find out how she will cope with everything that happens, NOT EDITED I have to go back and fixed a lot of things #4 in Italian-

Kaia is not a stranger to loneliness.  With the raging war between th… #werewolf #Werewolf #amreading #books #wattpad Portrait, People, Male Models, Handsome Male Models, Man Photography, Handsome Faces, Handsome Boy Photo, Man Portrait, Handsome

Kaia is not a stranger to loneliness. With the raging war between the eight packs of the Northern region, Kaia is taken from her original pack by a young alpha named Quinton. With an overcompensated and cocky attitude, he's no match for the seven opposing packs that threaten to rein over his land. A Pitiful Leader: An experienced Alpha from the Far North takes pity on their small pack, choosing to ally with them. He had blood on his hands, more than any other Alpha in the North. A Broken…


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