Italian greetings

Learn how to greet your friends in Italian with these common phrases. Impress them with your language skills and start conversations on the right note.
how to say hello in italian

First impressions matter. And first impressions often start at “hello”. How, then, do you say “hello” in Italian? In any language, there are many different ways to express the same idea. Some words or phrases imply friendliness and are perfect for a casual setting: “Hey, man, what’s happening?” On the other hand, some greetings are ... Read more

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If you find yourself unsure about how to reply to "grazie" (thank you) in Italian as a beginner, you have a range of options to consider. These include the common response "Prego!" (You're welcome) and more elaborate expressions like "È il minimo che potessi fare!" (It's the least I could do). For pronunciation and example sentences, please refer to our comprehensive article!

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