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Budweiser Adapts Its Sexist Ads From The 50s And 60s To 2019 | Bored Panda Vintage, Vintage Men, Retro, Beer Ad, Beer Advertisement, Budweiser, Pizza And Beer, Bier, Old Ads

This year, in honor of International Women's Day, Budweiser revisited three of their adverts from the '50s and '60s that they are not exactly proud of. The outdated ads portrayed objectified women in a subservient role to their husbands. But media and advertising was only a reflection of the world we lived in.

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The image of a perfect woman in the 1950s is familiar to all of us – a diligent wife, slaving around the house all day, preparing delicious meals for her hardworking husband, taking care of the children, and all that with a smile, of course. This image was reflected a lot in the ads of that era too. Inspired by them, photographer and video editor from Beirut, Lebanon, Eli Rezkallah created a series called “In A Parallel Universe” where he switched up the gender roles portrayed in those ads…

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