Fan engagement

Discover innovative ways to increase fan engagement and create a stronger connection with your audience. Implement these strategies to enhance the overall fan experience and drive higher levels of participation.
Uncover three mixed-reality experiences that are revolutionizing sports marketing. Engagements, Technology, Ideas, Fan, Sports, Sports Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Emerging Technology, Innovation

A recent study by Adweek reveals a compelling statistic: 73% of sports marketers are convinced that the key to unlocking future fan engagement lies in the realm of experiential marketing.The emerging technology playing a key role in this shift? Mixed reality. At Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG), they are not just spectators of this change, but active participants, steering the course of innovation and defining the future of fan engagement. Click the pin to learn more.

See some of the clever ways brands like YouTube, Bumble, American Express, and Maybelline have used gumball machines to distribute swag, spark conversations, promote social sharing, and more. Ideas, Maybelline, Event Ideas, Event Space, Event Activities, Corporate Event Activities, Event, Event Trends, Corporate Events

Remember the simple joy of inserting a quarter into a gumball machine and claiming your prize? With the increased popularity of nostalgia at events, it's no surprise that brands have been leaning into gumball machines for years as a way to increase fan engagement and social sharing, as well as to distribute swag.

Montira Musikawong