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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Degas drawings. Discover the beauty and skill of the renowned artist through his captivating collection of sketches and studies.
Degas ballerina sketch- I just wonder what these three young ballerinas are thinking about.  I love the bits of white charcoal to make the drawing 'pop'. Figure Drawing, Art, Art Drawings, Drawing Hands, Degas Drawings, Art Graphique, Sketch, Male Sketch, Ballet Drawings

One of Degas' principal concerns as a draftsman was analyzing the movements and gestures of the female body. The three studies on this sheet depict the teenage dancer Marie van Goethem and were produced in preparation for the celebrated wax sculpture Little Dancer, Fourteen Years Old. The sculpture was briefly exhibited at the 1881 Salon, where the artist's inclusion of a wig and a fabric bodice and skirt caused a sensation. Degas made numerous studies of Marie between 1878 and 1880.

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1886 Self-portrait This is the second of three posts featuring the work of French artist Edgar Degas. Parts 1 and 2 feature his works related to the ballet, part 3 will feature other works. For biographical notes see part 1. I'm afraid I don't have all of the dates and titles for for the works in this post. 1898-99 The Blue Dancers 1898-99 Two Dancers 1899 Four Dancers 1900 Ballet Dancers in the Wings 1900 Dancers at the Bar 1907 Ballet Scene (Title unknown) A Group of Dancers Ballerina…

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