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Enhance your social gatherings with these conversation card ideas. Spark interesting discussions and create lasting connections with your friends and family.
Free Printable Family Conversation Cards

Family mealtimes matter. I have long been an advocate of regularly eating meals together as a family as a means of encouraging the positive eating habits of young children, and as the most effective way for them to learn socially acceptable behaviour and manners. What I had not previously thought about was the mental health...

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Heart-to-heart conversation cards to use with your partner, best friend or family member. Someone you wish to get a little closer to.💞👩🏽‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏼🫱🏼‍🫲🏻 Sometimes when we've known someone for years, we stop being curious and cling to an old version of each other. But we develop with time and there are always new sides to explore in all relationships. These conversation cards contain questions to create deep conversations where you open up and get closer to each other. Don't stop…

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More conversation cards. I use this activity when my students want to have a lesson over dinner or take a field trip to a bar :) Print out and cut, have Ss choose a certain number. The student asks their question to the other students and the others take turn answering. I encourage follow up questions and discussion if the question/answer is interesting. - ESL worksheets

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