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on four wheels: Summernats 2012 - Mad Max MFP Pursuit Ford Falcon Trucks, Custom Cars, Car Max, Diecast Cars, Custom Hot Wheels, Ford, Carros, Max Car, Ford Falcon

I spotted this car in one of the merchandise areas at Summernats 2012, and had a quick look. A pretty accurate replica of the Roop/ Charlie Pursuit Falcon from Mad Max 1. Also known as 'Big Boppa' as that was the callsign they used in the film. Sadly, due to the lighting none of my interior photos turned out well. They even had a pair of Dinki-Di pet food cans sitting on the dash (I know, wrong film, max chows down on Dinki Di in Mad Max 2, but...) This is a great homage to the original, and…

David Dalrymple