Autumn morning

Experience the beauty of autumn mornings with these captivating ideas. Start your day off right and embrace the crisp air and vibrant colors of the season.
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Just off Cross Road. No longer part of my commute. :-( Need to find a replacement scene on my new commute before next fall more: Winner of tne Fall Photo contest and published in the Newark Star-Ledger: Click here for info Web sites using this photo: Your Rights.html…

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SOLO TRAVEL & DESTINATION GUIDESEXPLORE THE BLOG LATEST FROM THE BLOG Hi, it's Grace!I'm the storyteller behind gracefkim. This blog started off as a passion project but turned into a travel blog encouraging those to solo travel and follow their passion projects.You'll find posts focused on solo travel, destinations, credit cards, and photography. I hope I've inspired you to explore this world through one of my posts…

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