Art style challenge

Embark on the Art Style Challenge and unleash your creativity as you experiment with various art styles. Discover new techniques and transform your artwork into masterpieces that reflect your artistic evolution.
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Another art meme is taking over the internet! 20 art styles challenge – test your drawing skills and draw your own character in 20 different art styles! Have you ever tried to mimic another artist’s style? Or – were you wondering, if you have your own, recognizable style of drawing? I did. And I didn’t …

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Are you an artist who doesn’t have a specific art style and desperately wants to find one but can’t seem to get any closer, even though you’ve been drawing for quite some time? If you can relate to this, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there myself and I know it sucks. I have since learned that finding an art style is not that important as long as you are enjoying the process. However, it’s an advantage to have one, especially if you want to make a career in art, as it helps people…

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Check out this List of art challenges and their brief descriptions. I gathered this list of fun challenges, that not only will help you deal with your art block but will also help you improve your drawing skills. Check them out! Important info: Originally, this was an article where I aimed to list every existing …

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