Coatings for wood furniture

Over the years, ICA Group has developed a range of high-quality products for interior furnishings, with the goal of meeting the requirement for high levels of…
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Our Special Effects range is inspired by luxury interior design, offering refined effects with a unique character that are at once visually striking and highly elegant. This collection of products meets the requirements of designers and interior professionals who demand beauty in every element, regardless of its function, with the ultimate goal of offering truly artistic aesthetic results.
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The IRIDEA COLOR tintometric system uses an innovative series of dyes called INK and takes into account the current color trends in order to achieve a trendy visual result and a great chromatic impact. We invest heavily in the development of new colors to meet more and more the needs of professionals, designers and architects, who must be able to provide innovative, high-performance solutions.
The liquid-metal effect of IRIDEA features a special pigment formulation which causes color to be perceived in a full tone as if it were a lacquered coating with a luminescent effect that is more subtle than standard metallic colors. ​ The finish has a pleasant micro-texture feel, for a surface with balanced alternation of covered and empty space, but without adding depth.​
The range of water-based and solvent-based stains is as unlimited as the creativity of those who use them, and is open to every possible combination and effect. Indeed, ICA Group is always able to make available to its users (even the most exacting among them), the right series of stains, patinas and antiquing agents.
This is referred to as a laminar-flow oven because the flow of air moves in the opposite direction to the item with a moderate speed (2–3 meters per minute). The air flow can be heated and dehumidified. This machine is used for drying water-based coatings, water-based and solvent-based UV coatings and is used together with other technologies.
Antiche Armonie | Coatings for interior furniture
Coatings for wood furniture
Urban Matter coatings range for interiors - Corten Effect
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Coatings for wood furnishing
Collaborating together, they define the expected characteristics of the new solutions and drive forward product development, step-by-step, through all of the phases right up to the use of the product. | Coatings for wood furnishing
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Coatings for interior furnishing
This allows us to remain up-to-speed on the latest trends, to take a pro-active approach and to deliver effective assistance to the designers. | Coatings for interior furnishing
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Coatings for wood furnishing
Over the years, ICA Group has developed a range of high-quality products for interior furnishings, with the goal of meeting the requirement for high levels of chemical/physical performance through products and effects that are able to anticipate the latest trends in the world of design. | Coatings for wood furnishing