Fun & Things to do in Arzachena

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a river running through a lush green forest filled with mountains in the distance and trees on either side
Padula Saloni
Bird Wathcnig Sardinia
a man riding on top of a sailboard in the ocean
Attività - Hotel Citti, hotel 3 stelle ad Arzachena-Costa Smeralda, Olbia-Tempio
a dolphin swimming in the ocean with it's mouth out and its head above the water
Diving Center PADI | Sardegna | Centro Sub Portorotondo
some people are standing on the beach by the water and sand with mountains in the background
Diving Center PADI | Sardegna | Centro Sub Portorotondo
the sun shines through the trees near an old stone wall and tree in the foreground
Arzachena, history and an 88km beach. | Travel blog, where to sleep?
Arzachena Nuraghe Albucciu
a person holding a fishing rod with a reel attached to it
Costa Smeralda Hotels
an aerial view of a water park with slides and waterslides in the background
Aqua Dream Waterpark – Türkiye'nin Dev Kaydıraklı Su Parkı
three people on four wheelers driving down a road
Fast & Furious in Costa Smeralda