Costa Smeralda movie

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a man holding a stick in the middle of a grass covered field with mountains in the background
La Sardegna e il cinema - Obiettivo Sardegna
a woman is walking on the beach in clear water
Sardegna Cinema - Deserto Rosso - Una favola a Budelli
Another movie in Budelli Pink Beach
a movie poster for the film vita semeralda with many people in it
Cinema e Turismo
a man in a white shirt is talking to another man
Les bronzés 3 : Amis pour la vie //
A french movie set in Costa Smeralda
two men and a woman are shaking hands at an outdoor table with water in the background
Sardegna cinema - Alberto Sordi in Costa Smeralda
An italian mmovie set in #costa smeralda