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a bronze sculpture of a woman laying on top of a black table with a white wall in the background
Luoghi della cultura - Musei
Museo Albino Manca
an older man sitting in a chair working on some kind of wire art project with his hands
Is cranistasa - I cestini
an older man is weaving a basket with two hands on the handle and another hand reaching for it
FOTO - Categoria: Scrivo, Giro e Scatto 2012 - Foto - Foto: Cestini
the pillows are stacked on top of each other
TessereLab — Reebok Outlet In Linea Vendita Negozio Per Donna,Uomo - Italy
a black and white square with an intricate design on it
Piccola Cooperativa "Su Marmuri" a r.l. Ulassai
an empty room with benches and paintings on the wall
Luoghi della cultura - Musei
Primo piano le geografie di Maria lai
a sculpture in the middle of a field with mountains in the background and blue sky
Luoghi della cultura - Musei
Giovanni Campus, Forma: rapporti e misure, 2002
an assortment of old photos and letters on display
Luoghi della cultura - Musei
Seui, casa Farci
an old fashioned stove in the corner of a room
Luoghi della cultura - Musei
Seui, carcere spagnolo
an old stone oven in the middle of a room
Luoghi della cultura - Musei
Sa mola de s'olia