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Che Chuoi - Vietnamese Banana Tapioca Pudding

This delightful Banana Tapioca Pudding is super versatile. It can warm you up on cold mornings as well as refresh on a hot summer day!

Chinese Scallion Pancakes (Congyoubing)

Detailed steps for making traditional Chinese scallion pancakes at home.

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings - a great vegan appetiser

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings - a great vegan appetiser

Chinese Cocktail Buns

29 reviews
55 minutes

These cocktail buns are like the ones you get at Chinese bakeries. They are filled with a creamy coconut filling. Yum!

Coconut Tapioca Dessert with Sweet Rice Balls

2 reviews
60 minutes

This coconut tapioca dessert with homemade sweet rice balls and fruit is our take on the sweet soups and desserts loved in many Asian countries.

How to Make Fish Balls

This step-by-step recipe with pictures shows you "how to make fish balls." Easy recipe for making bouncy, delicious fish balls at home

Chee cheong fun (steamed rice rolls)

Anyone who enjoys dim sum usually knows what chee cheong fun is. Chee cheong fun is essentially steamed rice rolls (either filled or unfilled), served with a sweet/savoury sauce. The ‘Cantone…

Shumai/Siumai (Pork & Prawn Dumplings) - My Cooking Hut - Food & Travel

Dim sum (點心) is the name for a southern Chinese cuisine which involves a wide range of light and small portion of food, that comes in the form of steamed,...Read More

Youtiao (Chinese Oil Stick)-Chinese Cruller

Homemade youtiao also known as Chinese oil stick or Chinese cruller. It is a traditional Chinese snack especially for breakfast time.

BASO SAPI (Homemade Beef Meatballs)

BAKSO DAGING SAPI a la REAL Kitchen NL (Beef Meatballs) Rundvlees Gehaktballen Setelah sekian kali bikin bakso, akhirnya berhasil juga bikin bakso yang halus, lembut dan mulus dalamnya... Seneng banget deh waktu lihat hasil dalemnya. Pas banget seperti yang saya mau... Beberapa kali bikin selalu hasilnya tidak halus dan lembut, padahal dagingnya sudah di giling beberapa kali. Ternyata memilih daging sapinya berpengaruh sekali, pilih daging yang kwalitasnya bagus. Bakso yang saya bikin ini…

What is Chicken Shumai?

This chicken shumai is bursting with freshness and flavor, I love the dipping sauce. A chinese recipe that is also famous in Southeast Asia.I love the taste

Rice Noodle Soup (Bee Thai Bak) - Rasa Malaysia

Rice Noodle Soup (Bee Thai Bak) - I personally am a big fan of Bee Thai Bak, which is QQ (springy) and easy to eat (not much chewing needed!).

Vietnamese Glutinous Rice Dumplings Recipe (Bánh Trôi) » Indonesia Eats

I was first interested to bánh trôi when I saw pictures of Vietnamese foods that taken by one of Indonesian foodies during his travel to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Hanoi. At one of his pictures, he stated that he forgot the food name and described how it tasted. Then, I was asking Anh […]

Tung Hoon Quail Egg Soup 冬粉鸟蛋汤

Ingredients for Soup: 500g Pork Ribs Salt to taste Ingredients B: 100g Minced Pork (add light soy sauce + pepper) 3...

Ginger Milk Pudding

Popular Chinese dessert- Ginger milk pudding (Ginger milk curd)