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four men standing on top of two podiums holding up their numbers
HIPEX | pipes and manifolds for radio-controlled models
YES! The 4th round of the Nitro-West-Masters is in the books. Thanks to my sponsors: #Mugen - Seiki Europa for a great car, #HIPEX - (Marco Conforti) for power & awesome support #Savox - (Andy Chen) for strong and reliable servo #stickonRC- (Jonas Jonni) for cool Stickers
the man is working on his model car
HIPEX | pipes and manifolds for radio-controlled models
On the way back home after an amazing ENS racing weekend in Austria on the track of MAV Aigen/Schlägl. Starting from P12 ending up in P5 in my first ENS race for Team Shepherd is an unbelievable feeling and result for me! Thanks to the Team of MAV Aigen/Schlägl for the super organisation of this race! Also Big Thanks to all the nice people and companies in the background for the big support!
people are standing on top of a building with flags flying in the air behind them
HIPEX | pipes and manifolds for radio-controlled models
#WDW we drive WRC Una buona domenica, peccato per la spenta all ultimo rifornimento quando ero secondo, complimenti ai vincitori e all organizzazione di Gubbio sempre al top!! Antonio e Giaca meccanici tooop #WRC#wdw#matrix#xtremeHUMMERtop#maxpower#mikimodel#HIPEX#runnertime#fvss#FTline
two remote controlled race cars sitting next to each other
HIPEX | pipes and manifolds for radio-controlled models
Qualifiche terminate abbastanza critiche per via di qualche scorrettezza in pista ma alla fine a pelo ma sono in finale A che era il primo obiettivo adesso vediamo cosa viene fuori in finale #hipex #ielasituned #Gabriele Mazzotti #src tutto perfetto come sempre💪💪💪
a young boy holding a remote control car in his hands
Alejandro Perez have made an awesome race @ the EURO B, Spain on the last week, reaching the A-main final and finishing at 5th place. 🏁 Bravo! 💪 Alejandro used for the first time HIPEX 2135 EVO 2 HD with Fast Lock System to increase his engine performance and runtime and it worked great. We would like to thank you very much for using our products and wish you the best for the next challenges! 👏👏✌️ #HIPEXIberia #RadioControl #EUROB #BlackPower