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four empty wine glasses sitting on top of a table
Rimu - Hands on Design
Rimu - Hands on Design Did you know that every type of wine needs its glass? And that the ratio between the quantity of air and wine in the glass is very important to taste it better? Don't worry, the 'Rimu' stem glasses have an elegant and functional sign that helps you to pour the right amount of wine! 😉🍷 Design by ZPstudio and manufacture by Maruyoshi Kosaka in Japan
two wine bottles sitting next to each other on top of a white cloth covered table
A ba'
Swing, turn, but never fall! A ba' will keep your wine fresh for the duration of the meal thanks to its air chamber that keeps the temperature of the bottle. Design by Marco De Masi and manufactured by Lorenzo Franceschinis for HoD.
a toothbrush holder sitting on the ground next to a door with a shadow cast on it
Kameici - Hands on Design
Kameici by DesignLibero for Hands on Design is made in Japan by Shuji Nakagawa. It'll keep your wine fresh during the whole meal.
a glass vase sitting on top of a table in front of a window with the sun shining through it
360° Archives - Hands on Design
In 360° Decanter the space left for oxygenation efficiently drives the air circulation and accelerates the process, faster than most decanters. Masterfully mouth blowned in Venice by Soffieria and designed by Térence Coton.