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1/1 scale Iron Man Head Ver.Mark II. WANT!!!!!!!!!!

1/1 scale Iron Man Head Ver.Mark II: Full Photoreview No.17 Big Size Images

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Loki Mask, The Mask movie prop

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Blade Runner police helmet.

Street Cop hat badge and a free community discussing the props of the film Blade Runner

Back to the Future jacket.

D. Milan Ford on Twitter

“@jonacuff well, i was thinking THIS jacket would be a much better gift from us this year >>”

Ryan Gosling Drive Scorpion Jacket

ryan gosling drive scorpion jacket

Styling Drive Scorpion Jacket For Sale. This Ryan Gosling Drive jacket is perfect for every season, available at Angeljackets.

Proton Pack

Necronomicon - Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 ED2 Necronomicon ex mortis replica replica movie prop

This is a lifesize replica of the Necronomicon based on it's design in the 2nd movie. I made this replica from cardboard covered with glue-soaked kitchen towels, then painted it with enamels. ...

300 persian mask

300 persian mask

Indiana Jones: Chalice of Kali Prop Replica.

Mutt's Cutts Dumb and Dumber

In welke auto vervoer je 's werelds duurste hond? -

Jazeker, deze rode wolbaal staat sinds gisteren te boek als ’s werelds duurste hond. De bijna 80 kg zware en 1 meter hoge kolos is een Red Tibetan Mastiff-pup, en voor dit wandelende tapijt werd gisteren doodleuk 1,09 miljoen euro (10 mln Yuan) neergeteld. Dan dringt de vraag zich meteen op: ‘in wat voor auto […]

The Book of the Dead_ Evil Dead

'Evil Dead' Remake Shows Off Its Book of the Dead

To get in the mood for tonight's spooky activities. 'Evil Dead' - the remake of 1981's horror classic 'The Evil Dead' - has shown us its re-imagining of the book and cover of Necronomicon ex Mortis. Though it may not be as well known as Jason's hockey mask, or Freddy's knife-glove, it's definitely one of the most memorable props in horror history.

book_of_the_dead The Mummy

The Mummy’s "Book of The Dead" prop | Something to share

We recently had a question from a reader about this prop. Connie wrote in wanting to know how to replicate the mechanism that, in the movie, is used to

Star Wars Replica Props

Star Wars Replica Props

Star Wars fans rejoice! Lucasfilm and Disney have presented their own line of official replicas of some of the franchise’s most iconic props. The collection was created by the Proshop at Pinewood Studios in the UK, the same place where all the iconic weaponry, masks, helmets and armory that you see in Star Wars: The Force Awakens were manufactured. The amazingly detailed pieces are unprecedented in their accuracy, and currently include impressively accurate replica of iconic pieces such as…