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an aerial view of a house in the middle of a mountain with trees and mountains behind it
Gefällt 4,625 Mal, 19 Kommentare - ARCHITECTURE & ART MAGAZINE (@amazing.exterior) auf Instagram: „Aqua house Project by: @creatoarquitectos Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA. Must check this…“
an architectural rendering of a building with multiple levels and balconies on the top floor
Homepage | MeierPartners
Jesolo Lido Hotel – Richard Meier & Partners Architects
a large building with many windows next to a body of water
17 Striking Concrete Buildings Around the World
12 Striking Concrete Buildings. The Jubilee Church- Just outside Rome
multiple shots of the same building at different times of day and night, each with its own reflection
Salk Institute for Biological Studies.1962. La Jolla, California. Louis Kahn
three different views of the same building and trees in winter or fall, from top to bottom
casa Farnsworth de Mies Van Der Rohe 1951 at Srta. Jara Modern Living
an image of a two story house in the daytime
El negro y la madera es bonito.
three different views of the building and its surrounding area are shown in this graphic style
Modern villa in Spain by NG architects #homearchitecture
an artist's rendering of a modern house in the woods with lounge chairs on the lawn
tom torres Malibue architect - Google Search
the house is surrounded by trees and rocks, with a waterfall running through it's front yard
『完成!ドリームハウス』で失敗した家のその後現在が酷い…全面ガラス張りの“丸見えハウス”が寂しいことになってる件…【画像あり】 : NEWSまとめもりー|2chまとめブログ
Frank Lloyd Wright " Falling Water"