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a long path made out of rocks in the middle of a grassy area next to a body of water
Beyond Limits 2010, Chatsworth
an image of a woman and child walking in front of a water source that is connected to the ground
600-Foot-Long Bioswale Planned for Coliseum Square Park
600-Foot-Long Bioswale Planned for Coliseum Square Park - Curbed New Orleansclockmenumore-arrownoyes : It's among Sewerage and Water Board's "green infrastructure" projects
an info sheet describing the different types of plants and people in their garden, with information about how to plant them
an architectural drawing of a tree with people standing next to it
North Bethesda Market | Nelson Byrd Woltz
North Bethesda Market | Nelson Byrd Woltz
an artist's rendering of a building with people walking on the sidewalk and trees in the background
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Arch_Blog | Архитектура и дизайн
several different views of trees and water
Preis Wettbewerb aspern Seepark… München (DE)
Preis Wettbewerb aspern Seepark... München (DE) - #aspern #de #München #paisaje #Preis #Seepark #Wettbewerb
an artist's rendering of people walking and riding bikes on a path next to trees
Garden City Lands Legacy Landscape Plan | Richmond, Canada | PWL Partnership Landscape Architects
PWL Partnership Landscape Architects creates a dynamic and multifunctional landscape #hub #landscape #architecture
the diagram shows how to build a garden bed for an outdoor space with plants growing in it
Integrated Urban Bioswale Components
The sections above illustrate the basic components and functioning of the drain system integrated urban bioswale. The principle structure is a reinforced concrete channel that
an abstract painting with white and black lines in the center, on a gray background
Frieze London 2016 | Artsy
Sarah Crowner, 'Tile Painting (Terracotta Pentagon Leaves, White),' 2016, Simon Lee Gallery
a stone path leading to a small building in the woods with trees and rocks on either side
25+ Simple And Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (Low Maintenance)
Stunning front yard landscaping ideas could make your residence more eye-catching and also enhance the entire appearance of your property. Increase the appearance of the side of your front yard can be tough if you do unknown where to start. Need front yard landscaping ideas? Discover our favorite front yard layout ideas to raise your charm as well as produce your loved ones front yard. #frontlandscapingideas
an image of a street with people walking and cars parked on the side of it
How Greening Our Streets Can Also Make Them More Resilient to Extreme Weather | Smart Cities Dive
How tree planting, rain gardens, swales and permeable pavements not only control pollution but also help cool urban heat islands, mitigate flooding, recharge groundwater, beautify neighborhoods and enhance nearby property values.
an outdoor garden with various plants and rocks in the center, along with gravel walkways
Garden Design | Charlotte Rowe
a street with water running down it and cars parked on the side walk
landscape-a-design: “ Drainage as water features Project: Waterplein Benthemplein Designer: De Urbanisten Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands … ”
a person's shoes are on the ground between two stone walkways in front of some bushes
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.
a walkway made out of stepping stones in the middle of grass and bushes on either side
Creating Beauty At Home With Landscape Design Tips! - House Garden Landscape
Referenties publieke ruimtes» Betonnen vloerplaten, boomplaten en gootplaten » Eurodal LIKE BY DIAiSM ACQUIRE UNDERSTANDING ATTAISM TJANN ATELIER DIA TJANNTEK ART SPACE atElIEr dIA #modernlandscapedesign
a stone path with grass and rocks in the middle is surrounded by trees, shrubs and bushes
27+ Inspiration Modern Small Stone Garden - firstmine
The next sort of Zen garden it's possible to create is known as a moss garden. A Zen garden is a great place to sit down and reflect. Zen gardens can ...
the grass has been cut into two sections
Comment avoir un joli jardin en pente? Jolies idées en photos et conseils pour l'aménagement
jardin en pente, aménagement de jardin en pente
some trees that are standing in the water
Garden of Giants_ Mutabilis Landscape Architecture - Paperblog
Garden of Giants_ Mutabilis Landscape Architecture
2o2 studio: 10 POMYSŁÓW NA INNE ŚCIEŻKI OGRODOWE Shaded Garden, Stone Walkway, Stone Path
an umbrella sitting on top of a sidewalk next to a metal pole with chains hanging from it
concrete long narrow pavers with rocks in between. Like this.
an outdoor garden with water and trees in the center, surrounded by graveled walkways
Lawn And Garden Decor With Proper Landscape Design
the walkway is lined with stones and gravel, leading to a building that's next door
50+ Fascinating Inspiration Modern Walkways Pavers for Front Yard Ideas
a river running through the middle of a cobblestone road with water flowing down it
Panoramio is no longer available
Rill curves thru cobblestone - PAM - meanderende afwateringsgoot - Public Square in Varde | Photo by Buelipix
a man is walking down the sidewalk in front of some stairs and steps that are made out of hexagonal tiles
a man walking down a brick path in the woods
Art, Architecture & Culture | The Art of Thangka Painting
love the curve to the underside of the tunnel, this detail makes the walk.
an aerial view of the street and sidewalk in black and white, taken from above
an umbrella sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a parking meter in the rain
Cast Concrete Paving Kvæsthusprojektet by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects and Julie Kierkegaard landscape Architects