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a brick building with an open window on the side and green plants growing around it
the poetry of material things
an old brick building with ivy growing on it's roof and the top half missing
vivienda experimental en muuratsalo de alvar aalto
an old brick building with ivy growing on it
Muuratsalo Experimental House
an empty courtyard with brick walls and trees in the background
House of the Day: Experimental House by Alvar Aalto | Journal | The Modern House
a drawing of a plan for a building with multiple floors and two levels, in the middle
Aalto Plan
an old building that has been converted into a museum
Silo designed by Alvar Aalto in Toppila, Oulu (Finland) v.2
the plan and section of an old building with a dome on top, in black and white The Greek cross type
a building with a large clock on the side of it's face in the snow
Walter Dietl, René Riller · Chiesa di San Francesco
the building is made out of bricks and has a large roof over it's entrance
Hoppets kapell, Östra kyrkogården, Malmö
the shadow of a street light is cast on the ground near a brick wall and fence
ArkDes – Sveriges nationella centrum för arkitektur och design
a street light on top of a brick building next to a tree filled park with lots of green leaves
Sigurd Lewerentz
the lights are shining on the ceiling in this church building's interior area,
sigurd lewerentz, stockholm august 2005