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the house sits on top of a hill surrounded by trees and grass, with its windows open
a small wooden structure sitting on the side of a road next to rocks and grass
a building with a thatched roof and some stairs leading up to the top floor
Archispektras adds "sculptural" thatched roof to holiday home on the Baltic Sea
there is a wooden structure on top of some rocks with stairs leading up to it
Architecture of Doom
a large metal structure sitting in the middle of a parking lot next to a building
Performativ im Hinterhof - Kreativzentrum im moldawischen Chisinau von Maxim Calujac
the building is made out of rocks and steel
Glendowie House | Bossley Architects | Archinect
a building made out of rocks and stones with glass doors on the outside, at dusk
Gallery of Metropolitan Park South Access / Polidura Talhouk Arquitectos - 9
the house is made out of stone and has two garages on each side, with one door open
Archello | Your connection with architecture
a stone building with windows lit up in the dark sky at night, on gravel ground
phyd arquitectura connects stone ruins to create contemporary house in portugal
a large brick building sitting on top of a snow covered field
Палеонтологический музей в Теплом Стане
a black and white drawing of a building with lots of lines on the side of it
AD Classics: Olympic Archery Range / Enric Miralles & Carme Pinos
Olympic Archery Barcelona plan, 1989 by Carme Pinos and Enric Miralles. One of my favorite plans of all time.
two diagrams showing the different sections of a house
"Shipping Container Homes: Combining Sustainability and Luxury" "Unlocking Creativity: Shipping
the building is made out of wood and has a large window on it's side
Gallery of Game Lodge / Slee & Co Architects - 1
three different views of the house in the woods and on the ground, with trees surrounding it
Nebo House / Fuller/Overby Architecture
the house is surrounded by mountains and trees
Pouaka Waikura House / Patterson Associates
an old building with a concrete walkway going up it's side
David Closes converte un ex-convento in auditorium
an apartment building with balconies on the top floor and windows in the middle
Résidence de l'Aqueduc in Gentilly - e-architect
the house is made out of concrete and has glass windows
MC House: Modern and Minimalist Interior of A Summer House
a white building sitting on top of a gravel road
Herzelia pituach house 13 - Pitsou Kedem
a white building sitting on top of a gravel road
Herzelia pituach house 13 - Pitsou Kedem
an old brick building with two parking spaces
Case impossibili - Il blog di