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itachi Uchiha by JasonsimArt

Julgado como vilão,mas na verdade foi um grande herói, Itachi Uchiha ❤

This artist is quickly becoming one of my favorites <3

Naruto - Sasuke Generations - He's touching his forehead like Itachi *used* to. So sad/cool!

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In order to continue his life after Obito and Rin died, Kakashi is assigned to Anbu, where he manages to become one of the most skillful members. This drawing was made by: Bosmitze.

naruto, itachi, and uchiha image

Day Favorite male character ever? He is sempai. I dont have a crush on him, but man do i have a huge amount of respect for this guy! (From Naruto)

AS Roma 1983.

Simple Tips To Help You Understand Footy. Football is a great new sport to try. People at any age and skill level can enjoy football.

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Naruto 30 Day Challenge: Day my favorite summoning animal are the Toads…

Totti the legend never dies

Francesco Totti of AS Roma in action during the UEFA Champions League Group A match against Real Madrid played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome Italy.

Roma Art: A 23rd anniversary tribute to Totti

A new Roma Art tribute to Francesco Totti on the day that marks the anniversary of the Roma captain& debut

Francesco Totti, 16.

The Friday Flashback: 20 Brilliant Vintage Panini Football Stickers – Volume

Forza27 » AS Roma Stickers Collection

AS Roma stickers collection, designed by Silvia Ciurluini, a graphic designer from Rome, for the ‘Giovani Designer per giovani calciatori’ contest.