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Types of Tulips - Learn about the most common types of tulips used as cut flowers on Flower Muse blog (UPDATED chart!)

Types of Tulips - Flower Muse Blog

Updated from our original version: Tulips are one of those types of flowers that almost everyone can identify. Every spring, tulips make appearances in gardens across the country. In doing a little informal research about them, I found that the most commonly associated words with tulips were “spring” and “Dutch” and that many people thought that tulips were “nice” but “nothing special” (one friend went as far as to call them downright “boring”). I know everyone is entitled to their own…

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Flower Muse Blog

It’s summer and that means it’s wedding season! We have so many brides who want to DIY their bridal bouquet and centerpieces and you want to know what the most requested flowers are? Peonies, garden roses, and ranunculus! I like to call it the trifecta of flowers! The combination of these flowers is so gorgeous and you really can’t go wrong when you combine these beautiful blooms! To make it easier for our wedding and event customers, we put together an Ultra Luxe Flower Package – a…

Spring Flowers as inspired by Pantone's 2017 Spring Color Report on Flower Muse blog

2017 Spring Flowers - Pantone Inspiration - Flower Muse Blog

We share our picks of 2017 spring flowers as inspired by Pantone's Spring Color Report. Get ideas for your wedding or event with our flower color board!

Pink Ombré Bridal Bouquet - Flower Muse Blog

I love a pretty ombré and with Valentine’s Day still lingering on my mind with all the red and pink colors, I thought it would be fun to share how easy it is to put together a pink ombré bridal bouquet! The “ingredients” to this bouquet: 1-2 stems of magenta red hydrangea (order by request) 3-4 pink garden roses (I used a variety called “Joyce”) 2-3 light pink peonies 2-3 white peonies The beauty of creating a pink ombré bridal bouquet like this is that you don’t need to use the exact same…

Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet - Flower Muse Blog

Spring is right around the corner and the best thing about spring? The FLOWERS! I know it’s still snowy and cold in some parts of the country, so to brighten things up and provide some spring inspiration, I’m sharing a colorful spring bridal bouquet that showcases some of the newest blooms in our collection. The “ingredients” to our colorful spring bridal bouquet: 2 pink protea 3-4 assorted anemones 6 stems of dark pink Butterfly ranunculus 6-7 tulips (we used a mix of white, pink and…

2016 Spring Flowers - Pantone Inspiration - Flower Muse Blog

We share our picks of flowers as inspired by Pantone's Spring 2016 Color Report. Get ideas for your wedding or event with some spring flowers inspiration!

Pastel Flowers Bouquet - Flower Muse Blog

It’s summer and that usually means bright colors, but like I mentioned in my last DIY post (see the tutorial to create a blush and white centerpiece), I never tire of pale blush colors and so this week I thought I would share how to put together a pastel flowers bouquet that has a nice mix of light colors that would be perfect for a wedding or event with a pale color scheme. The “ingredients” to this pastel flowers bouquet: 2-3 light pink peonies 2-3 white peonies 2-3 light pink garden roses…

Pink and White Spring Bouquet - Flower Muse Blog

Spring is officially only 15 days away! That means soon the cold weather and snow will be things of the past! To get into a spring mood, I put together this pink and white spring bouquet featuring some beautiful blooms that are currently in season! The “ingredients” to this pink and white spring bouquet: 5-6 pink and green pon pon ranunculus 4-5 white hyacinths 3-4 white lilac 1-2 white hellebores 2-3 green bush ivy 2-3 jasmine vines (by request) If you haven’t yet seen it on our site, these…

Purple Fuchsia Bouquet - Flower Muse Blog

We’re in the middle of May already, can you believe it? The year is flying by so quickly and now we’re now in the start of the peak peony season! With the spring season and peonies in bloom, many arrangements during this time of year tend to be in pink pastel shades or bright coral mixes. I thought I would change it up a bit and share with you a bouquet I made that has a rich purple and fuchsia shades with just a bit of light pink for contrast. It’s a great palette for a spring wedding or…

White and Blush Pink Centerpiece - Flower Muse Blog

It’s summer time and typically that means brighter colors, but I’m a sucker for pale blushes and white which always seem to be in style, so I wanted to share a tutorial for an easy white and blush pink centerpiece that is a piece of cake to arrange! The “ingredients” to this white and blush pink centerpiece: 5 peonies (I used a combination of blush and white colors) 2-3 white hydrangea (I used a mini size) 3-5 stems of white spray roses You might be thinking peonies right now in July? You’re…

2015 Spring Flowers – Pantone Inspiration

2015 Spring Flowers – Pantone Inspiration - Flower Muse Blog

I know you have been waiting for it and maybe the weather isn’t showing it yet, but tomorrow is the official start of spring! It’s been a long cold winter for much of the US so I bet many of you are ready for springtime (and spring flowers) to hit! With the coming of spring, I always like to look to Pantone’s pick of spring colors for inspiration. This year it’s a soft palette of cooler hues with just a few warm tones to balance things out. The en plein air theme is so fitting for a season…

Easy Daffodil Bouquet

Easy Daffodil Bouquet - Flower Muse Blog

It’s February and here in LA, we’re having warmer than usual temps, but I know it’s absolutely freezing in other parts of the country. So, this week I thought that you guys might enjoy seeing a bright and cheery daffodil bouquet to bring you some sunshine and hope that spring and warmer weather will be here soon! When you think about daffodils, you’re probably picturing the most common yellow varieties; however, daffodils come in a variety of shades and types. My personal favorite are the…

Bouquet with soft blush colors inspired by butterflies -  Sweet Paul Wedding 2014/2015 issue via Huffpost. Floral design by Matthew Robbins Design.

These Butterfly-Inspired Bouquets Couldn't Be More Beautiful

By Matthew Robbins for Sweet Paul Inspiration for your wedding flowers can come ...

Spring Pink Bouquet with peonies and lilies - DIY tutorial on Flower Muse Blog

Pink Bouquet with Peonies and Lilies - Flower Muse Blog

With peonies now in season, I thought it would be nice to put together a DIY bouquet that features these beautiful blooms. Peonies are pricier than other flowers; however, that doesn’t mean you need to forgo having them at your wedding or event! You can splurge on a few peonies and create something beautiful by mixing them with other more budget friendly flowers. The ingredients used in this bouquet: 1-2 stems of white and light pink oriental lilies 2 stems of light pink peonies (this…

dreamy editorial inspired by ‘something blue’

Something blue inspired wedding styled shoot in Hong Kong with a ribbon backdrop and Vivian Luk wedding dresses.